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The Punks

In the early 1970s, a few large record labels controlled the record industry. Pop and Prog-rock dominated. Rather than investing in building new talent, the record labels pumped all their money back into established artists, taking more negligible risks and investing more in their cash cows. The music scene had

In parallel, society in the USA and UK was suffering. President Nixon was ending a divisive presidency, and Prime Minister Heath was still struggling to get the UK back up from its Knees after the Second World War.

In both nations, the youth was downtrodden, unemployed, and disaffected. Two small groups kicked back. In New York and London, the youth wanted to tear down the established government and record labels and started to form Punk bands.



The Punk scene spread across the world like a multi-headed Hydra. It’s influence can still be felt globally. Art, music, fashion and political protest would all be permanently altered by the influence of Punk.

The Punks took a DIY attitude and a desire to tear down the status quo and have an everlasting impact on society and culture.


The Punk Leadership model takes inspiration from the musical vagabonds on the 1970s and try to understand how we can push technology in a direction where it becomes an influencer of positive change.

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