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Punk Leadership: Screaming Together In The Same Direction

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Technology has broken our world. It’s left no stone unturned. It’s broken politics, society, the economy and the environment. Our society lies in tatters due to the inaction of those culpable of this upheaval: software engineers and those who guide them.

Punk Leadership looks into how we can take inspiration from Punk music luminaries of the 1970s and inspire tech industry leaders to forge their revolutions towards a better, more sustainable future.

Alongside motivational tails of three-chord-driven rebellion, Punk Leadership gives a simple model that enables leads to convince teams to join their vision of the future.

Start your Revolution Now.

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    Having had the privilege of working alongside Phil Bennett at Klarna, I was already familiar with the unique blend of courtesy and curiosity that defines him. His polite, distinctly British demeanor belies a sharp intellect capable of asking the most pivotal questions at just the right time (sometimes especially when I had no answers). This blend makes his book, “Punk Leadership,” not just a great read but a manual for others trying to make a difference in the tech industry.

    In “Punk Leadership,” Phil channels the rebellious spirit of punk—think the Ramones’ raw energy and the Clash’s political savvy—to challenge the status quo of leadership in tech. Much like the punk rock revolution of the 1970s, Phil’s approach to leadership is all about disruption—but a thoughtful kind, aimed at detoxifying tech and addressing real problems.

    What resonates most for me about Phil’s writing is his conviction that everyone is a leader and that this leadership can be an instrument of profound change. He contends that the tech industry, has the potential to be transformative if led by individuals who are as interested in the people and the planet, as they are money.

    The references to punk and it’s history not only lend a fun backdrop to his thoughts, but also underscore the idea that great movements often come from challenging the norms and speaking truth to power. For anyone looking to navigate the complexities of leadership in tech, “Punk Leadership” offers not just strategies but also hope…just like the angry bands before them.

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    Grate book, with simple but powerful suggestions how to identify problems in communication within team, and increase trust between team members. It was huge help for me, in my first steps as team lead. And it was interesting, because all problems in management was paralleled with real world examples from punk movement. So it was not a dry management theory, but fascinating telling of punk history with lessons for being a better leader

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