The tech industry is broken, we broke it. We approach a dystopian future built on the code you and your teams are responsible for. Just like the Punk movement did in the 70s we need to reboot, rethink and reinvigorate the tech industry and mould it into a future we want.

This book talks about using punk ideologies as an inspiration for challenging the tech industries current direction and giving it a solid Dr Martens book in the arse.

But what this book **IS NOT** is an excuse to be angry, aggressive and obnoxious to those around you. I want to inspire you to fight against the system, but not each other.

You can be kind, and still be Punk.

It’s very important to me that if you also read any of this book you also read the last chapter of this book, where I outline what Punk Leadership is not. I want to you metaphorically spit in the fact of the status quo, not in the face of your colleagues.